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Hey Romy I miss your Aradia askblog. Have you lost interest in it?(Which is fine and all even though I miss it, I understand you might have other things to pursue)


Oh hi! Aaah yes, I’m actually glad someone asked this ;;;

Yeah, I’ve actually lost intereset in it. I still like homestuck, and I love Aradia, but I don’t seem to bring myself to reply anymore questions; to be honest, I haven’t even read homestuck since forever, so I’m kinda out of the loop too. Aaahaha, I’ve been wanting to open new askblogs of other characters and series actually, but I’m always scared if I do so, people would get mad at me for not updating Askmaidaradia and yet create new askblogs…

I’ve been thinking about erasing the blog, but that would make me kinda sad ;;; it’s a good memory…. In the other hand, I’ve also been thinking about give it to someone else. Maybe if someone is interested ;;;

Aaah, I’m sorry if I let anyone down with this… but I think it’s time I actually throw the towel with this.

I answered this long ago, but I’m bringing it back, so I can share it again, and this time in the official blog and not just my personal blog.

So yeah, I’m just stating what most people already assumed by now. Askmaidaradia will be closed (well, the askbox was closed already) and I won’t be replying anymore questions.

I lost my interest in homestuck, at least the one that kept me drawing homestuck related stuff. I still like it, I just can’t bring myself to draw anymore replies (as I say, I haven’t even read the comic anymore, so even if i did wanted to reply, im kinda out of the loop).

I wanna thank all my followers for sticking with me for all this time! I really appreciate that. This blog was a wonderful experience to me, and I’m happy I work on it for over a year. But I think it’s fair I’ll let you guys know this is my last post.

Thanks again to everyone, for the nice comments and feedback, and also;

(i think you reblogged on the wrong blog....)

its been a while since i was this confused

but i fail to see any resemblances between us

aA: and this is where i think the treasure might—-

aA: ……

aT: „,


aA: yes tavr0s i think thats better f0r b0th us

Can I use your art to make cosplay? :D I love your designs


[[ fakldaklj Thank you! And of course! Anyone is free to cosplay whatever you want from this blog, you don’t even need to ask permission.

I’m flatter anyone even CONSIDER cosplaying any silly custom I have put Aradia in.

But if you do, pleeeeease let me see.

I’d love to see.

Pleaseeeeeee. ]]

i guess……

try t0 make it less awkward as it already is

To the artist~ I was thinking of making an ask blog for Aradia where I would draw the responses (I hope you dont mind..) Do you have any tips for me? Art, her personality, anything? sorry to bother, but thanks!

[[ First of all, followers with tumblrsavior, you may want to add ‘ask romy’ to your black list. I will start tagging OOC questions/posts like that to avoid spamming you, if you however rather see this posts, feel free to, but just heads up (:

Now for the question, I don’t mind at all! I actually like seeing aradia blog’s all over tumblr, it’s refreshing seeing other people’s perspectives about her persona.

As for tips, art wise my only suggestions is, keep it simple but pretty. You don’t want to get tired in the first 5 questions you answer, but being too sketchy doesn’t catch too much the attention of the people. So yeah, try to do simple things that look nice. Is ok if you change your style as you go (I totally did that).

As for the personality, every time you are in doubt, read her pesterlogs! Every little thing counts, her quirks, her reactions, read them more than once if it’s necessary. We didn’t had the chance to see much of Aradia while she was alive, so you have a lot of freedom with that. Just read a lot and try to understand her actions; every little thing counts.

I know this aren’t the best advises ever, but I hope it somehow helps you ´u`;;; ]]